BP Head Office, Greater London

Project Details

Sunbury-on-Thames, Greater London
Fixed new rooms, MF-5 ceilings, taping & jointing
Mar - May 2016
2 months


Located in Sunbury-on-Thames, Greater London, ICBT is home to nearly 3,500 people from around the world working for more than 55 different international business teams. In addition, it is perhaps the most diverse place in the world for BP with more than 50 different nationalities represented by most of the world's major religions, and around 30 languages can be heard any day.

We helped BP to fix new rooms, MF-5 ceilings as well as carried out taping & jointing work.

Client Requirements

The following requests and tasks were given to us by the client:

  • completion of the project on time
  • employees' compliance with safety measures
  • responsible execution of work
  • weekly reporting on the work done

Our Solution

Over the course of work which took about 2 months, there have been no errors during the work performed. The work was carried out in accordance with the requirements set before our team.

The Result

Gratitude was expressed for the accurate fulfilment of all requirements and the completion of the work within the given time frame.

Thank you for the work done well and on time!

Mark Harris

Contract Manager
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