ExxonMobil HQ, Leatherhead

Project Details

Leatherhead, Surrey
Built new rooms, walls and WCs, fixed MF-5 ceilings on different levels and reveals windows
Jun - Aug 2016
2 months


Leatherhead is the location of ExxonMobil's UK headquarters at Ermyn House. ExxonMobil has been widely represented at Leatherhead since 1990, and today there are approximately 600 employees and contractors working at this location.

We helped ExxonMobil to build new rooms, walls and WCs, fixed MF-5 ceilings on different levels and reveals windows across the four floors of their building, from the basement to the penthouse level.

Client Requirements

We were instructed on the deadlines for the completion of the project and on the phased implementation of the work. The client also requested that safety measures be observed on the site and that a weekly report on the construction work performed be submitted.

Our Solution

We offered other options for certain types of work, which resulted in eliminating errors in drawings and saving the company time, material and money.

The Result

After the project was delivered, the client expressed great appreciation for the errors identified in the drawings and their elimination prior to the start of work, which resulted in huge savings in cost and time.

I just wanted to let you know that it's been great working with you

Mark Harris

Contract Manager
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